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We finally got our profile album and letter finished up! We made our book through Shutterfly (after debating for some time whether we should do a handmade book or a digital one) and it turned out really nice.

It took us about a month to do the album. It was so hard to decide what to say, what pictures to use and how to present the whole thing in a unique way that would make us look like the most awesome, fun, interesting couple in the universe (because we are, right??)… in short, we had to fit everything about us and our lives into a 25 page book. And then we had to take that and cram it into a two page letter. Phew!

But it looks great. We are happy with it, Elly and the girls at the agency are happy with it, and hopefully it will do the trick.


The first thing a birth mother will see is our letter. Out of all the letters she sees, she typically only chooses to look at a few of those families’ albums, so it’s super important that the letter catches her interest.

We tried to make ours stand out by skipping the typical letter format and opting for a more unique look that highlights the most important things about us…



So if she likes what she sees in our letter and wants to learn more about us, she gets to look at our album, which we also tried to make unique and fun. We tried to include a little about every aspect of our lives while focusing on the things that are most important to us. The main goal is to give her a good idea of who we are and how a child would be raised in our home…

The pages are a little hard to read (because I forgot to take real pictures of it before we turned it in to CSS…) but you get the idea.




























We are really happy with how it turned out and hopefully it does a good job of showing who we are.

We turned in our profile (the album and letter) last week and now we are just waiting for the home study papers to be finished and signed (which we will do early next week).

As soon as we have approved and signed the home study, we will be in the pool of waiting families and could be chosen at any time!

Please continue to pray for us and, more importantly, pray for the mothers who will be looking at our profile. As much as we want to be chosen, we cannot even begin to imagine how difficult it is for her to choose. We are so grateful to her for choosing life and for considering us as parents for that precious life she carries so selflessly.

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  1. Lampe Grands

    Everything looks wonderful and with so much to offer a child you will be parents before you know it!
    So exciting to think of you bringing home a beautiful baby any day now!!

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