iPads. Blu-ray players. Flat brim caps with stickers.Twitter accounts. My phone number. Ray Bans. Mug rugs.

What do all these items have in common?

All the cool people these days have them!

And you’ll never be as cool as you could be if you don’t have all of these things. Especially…

Completely custom, one-of-kind, original, organic, BPA free, homemade, unique, priceless MUG RUGS!!

Think about it. What could possibly be cooler than a small, embroidered rug for your mug that not only serves as a fashionable, epic landing strip for your morning brew but also lets you represent, recognize and reminisce all of your favorite Michigan municipalities?! The answer is NOTHING!

The only question remaining is…why are you still reading this? Order yours today before they’re not cool anymore!